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Company: Photon Design, Oxford, UK


Location: Oxford


Job Title: Technical Advisor/Support - Photonics

You will work with the firm's tools, helping to design components for their customers, often solving new or novel problems. You will be able to use a large amount of the physics that you have learnt, designing optical switches, filters, directional couplers, lasers and devising test routines for new algorithms. Extensive training will be given - this is an opportunity to learn a huge amount about the techniques used in photonics and the physical mechanisms they are based on. 



  • Solving customer’s design problems using our simulation tools

  • Providing technical support on our tools to customers

  • (After 6-12 months) Providing product training courses to customers

  • Providing feedback to developers on product usage, problems, suggested improvements

  • Product testing – devising and implementing test computations to ensure the highest quality of our products


Other Roles 

As a small company, many of us have a primary role and then one or two other roles as time allows. It is expected that you would also be involved in one or more of these secondary roles. 

  • software development – if you have additional software skills, we would be keen to exploit this to assist our key software development teams

  • IT management – maintaining the smooth running of our computers and network

  • Technical pre-sales – assisting in the selling process, demonstrating and explaining to potential customers the technical merits of our simulation tools



  • a good BSc or MSc in Physics. Any specific knowledge of electromagnetism, semiconductor device physics, or photonics would be an advantage

  • Excellent problem solving skills – you will often encounter new technical problems, and will need to think creatively to solve them in an efficient manner

  • Good verbal and written communication skills

  • Ability to work in a team environment

  • Willing to travel occasionally


Starting Salary



About Photon Design

Photon Design is a small company based in Oxford, UK, founded in 1992. It develops and markets state-of-the-art simulation and design software for photonics component development, for example modelling the propagation of light through an optical waveguide, or the dynamics of a laser diode. It’s software is used throughout the World in leading universities and companies.  


Application procedure

Please email CV to Dominic Gallagher at