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PICWAVE 5.7 is released

We are pleased to announce the release of PICWave 5.7. This version brings a number of significant new features and improvements, including: a new laser linewidth calculator, a new automatic FIR filter fitting algorithm, oscilloscope Bessel filters and BER calculator, improved spectrum plotting tools, improved active section thermal model, a major update to the Python scripting interface and more…

FIMMWAVE 6.6 is released

We are pleased to announce the release of FIMMWAVE 6.6 released. This features a major update to its Python scripting interface making a much more natural scripting environment. Support for bent waveguides of arbitrary shape including Euler curves now also much enhanced.

EPIPPROP 2.2 is released

We are pleased to announce the release of EPIPPROP 2.2. This new version introduces the ability to define multiple etch levels as well as grow operations, as well as an updated interface for defining etch and grow processes. The way bends are tuned in AWGs has also been improved. It also includes many bug fixes.

Harold 5.1 is released

We are pleased to announce the release of Harold 5.1 which includes the following new features and improvements:

  • The Harold EAM module now features a Gaussian broadening model to simulate effect of QW/barrier interface roughness; also, multi-threading support has been added to allow significantly faster simulations on multi-core CPUs.

  • The Harold XY module’s optical mode solver capability has been significantly improved with the addition of our Finite Difference Mode Solver and FarField Calculator; improvements have also been made to the non-uniform meshing to allow efficient modelling of current/heat flow over distances ~100s µm away from optical mode.

  • Improvements to Auger recombination thermal model and material database data.

OmniSim and CrystalWave version 6.0 is released

We are pleased to announce the release of version 6.0 of OmniSim and CrystalWave. This version provides major upgrades to our innovative FDTD and FETD engines, including:

  • Major upgrade to FDTD engine, leading to typically 2-4 times speed improvement over previous versions due to improved accuracy for given grid size. Improved wide-band mode excitor for FDTD.

  • 3D FETD now features 2D dispersive materials for modelling e.g. graphene and 2D non-linearity for modelling non-linear surface effects on metals.

  • Improved dispersive material handling for FDTD and FETD, with much improved automatic fitting of the material model to the dispersion data.  

FIMMWAVE/FIMMPROP version 6.5 is released

We are pleased to announce the release of FIMMWAVE/FIMMPROP version 6.5. This release features major improvements to the stability and accuracy of the software. We have introduced in particular improvements to the speed and reliability of the FDM Solver, particularly for taper modelling.

EPIPPROP version 2.1 is released

We are very pleased to announce the release of EPIPPROP version 2.1! This includes a brand new AWG template, giving you two to choose from for your designs. All the waveguides have been reworked to include multiple etch depths and support the modelling of shallow to deep etch transitions using our sister product FIMMPROP. Waveguides coming out of any EPIPPROP design can now be aligned to a uniform spaced array of waveguides pointing in any arbitrary direction, making connecting up your designs with the rest of your circuit child’s play. If you are interested in wavelength division multiplexing then you should definitely see what EPIPPROP can do for you! 

PICWave design kit available for the Smart Photonics foundry

Photon Design is pleased to announce Design Kit support for the Smart Photonics foundry. The Design Kit is available with PICWave and provides a sophisticated and detailed optoelectronic model of all of the Smart Photonics building blocks (BBs). Active building blocks such as SOAs are the most challenging to model accurately and Photon Design has worked closely with Smart Photonics to bring out a calibrated model for the SOA and all of the Smart photonics active BBs.

PICWave is one of the World’s most sophisticated laser diode/SOA simulators with advanced simulation of many physical processes inside a laser diode or SOA. This new Design Kit puts the sophistication of the PICWave model at your service in your Smart Photonics design. Now you can put together a Smart Photonics circuit design in the virtual environment of PICWave in the confidence that your manufactured chips will do what you expect. See here for further details.

OmniSim and CrystalWave version 5.7 is released

The release of version 5.7 of OmniSim and CrystalWave provides a major upgrade to our innovative FETD engine. New FETD features include meshing improvements, a mesh optimisation utility, total field/scattered field (TFSF) sensors – ideal for measuring scattering, support Chi2 non-linearity and anisotropy, as well as improved multi-thread efficiency.

Joint release of PICWave version 5.5 and Harold 5.0

We are pleased to announce the joint release of PICWave version 5.5 and Harold version 5.0.

PICWave now features an advanced link with our heterostructure model Harold. With this release, even large PICWave simulations consisting of dozens of components are still guaranteed to be consistent with the results of a detailed drift-diffusion/Schroedinger model of the epitaxial structure, taking into account carrier capture/escape/transport effects, band structure effects, free carrier absorption, gain variations etc., all while maintaining PICWave’s famous simulation speed. With this release PICWave greatly advances its world-leading position in the simulation of optoelectronic devices.

Harold now allows almost all of the detailed Harold simulation results to be effortlessly incorporated into large photonic circuits. This version also contains substantial improvements to Harold's material system.

Our paper on Echelle grating modelling is available on the IEEE website

Check out our paper on Echelle grating design & optimisation using EPIPPROP in the IEEE Photonics Journal. This paper builds up on our experience of Echelle grating modelling and describes a new single-point stigmatic design for Echelle gratings. It also offers a discussion on the Echelle grating design process and introduces a series of rules to improve the performance of any grating.

The paper is available and open access.

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