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Harold 6.0/VCSEL – New!

Photon Design is pleased to announce it’s comprehensive VCSEL model. Building on our 25 years’ experience in optical and laser diode modelling, this is a full 3D model covering the optical mode, current flow, drift/diffusion, QW gain, thermal flow. It produces LI curves, profiles of carriers/current/temperature, quantum efficiency, spectra, linewidth, far-field results and more. Later versions will also model dynamics.

Harold 6.0 also includes useful improvements to its other modules, including: a thermionic emission model for its 1d gain module, improved material data and additional command-line functionality.

OmniSim 7.0 is released

OmniSim Version 7.0 – a major redesigned, greatly improved user interface. Vastly improved FETD Engine which is now 3x to 5x faster. FDTD Engine can be paused, plot sensor data and resume at any time as well as restart. More flexible Plain and Gaussian excitors, new Beam excitor, new 3D object and scripts can be written using Python 3.0.

PICWave 5.8 is released

We are pleased to announce the release of PICWave version 5.8 - This features a new third-order susceptibility model (including Kerr effect, two-photon absorption and related free carrier absorption and dispersion effects); an upgraded oscilloscope to allow plotting of DQPSK constellation diagrams and PAM signal eye diagrams; significant improvements to the FIR method of importing of rigorous passive models from FIMMPROP; and many other useful features/improvements...

FIMMWAVE 7.0 is released

We are pleased to announce the release of FIMMWAVE Version 7.0 - a major upgrade to our popular passive photonic component solver – is now available. This features a redesigned, greatly improved user interface and improvements to our EME solver that will give substantial speed/accuracy improvements for some of the hardest problems. If you are doing silicon inverse-tapers, or anything containing small high-index contrast features in a large cross-section, then you can expect 5x or greater speed improvements. If you have not used FIMMWAVE/FIMMPROP before come and request a test drive.

EPIPPROP 3.0 is released

We are pleased to announce the release of EPIPPROP 3.0. New AWG “top-hat” and “S” shaped AWG templates, ideal for large FSR designs. Epipprop now has a command line interface for automation. You now also have much better control of the FIMMPROP link for e.g. modelling tapers rigorously. Lots of other useful new things – ask for the Changes Log for full details.

PICWave design kit available for the Smart Photonics foundry

Photon Design is pleased to announce Design Kit support for the Smart Photonics foundry. The Design Kit is available with PICWave and provides a sophisticated and detailed optoelectronic model of all of the Smart Photonics building blocks (BBs). Active building blocks such as SOAs are the most challenging to model accurately and Photon Design has worked closely with Smart Photonics to bring out a calibrated model for the SOA and all of the Smart photonics active BBs.

PICWave is one of the World’s most sophisticated laser diode/SOA simulators with advanced simulation of many physical processes inside a laser diode or SOA. This new Design Kit puts the sophistication of the PICWave model at your service in your Smart Photonics design. Now you can put together a Smart Photonics circuit design in the virtual environment of PICWave in the confidence that your manufactured chips will do what you expect. See here for further details.