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Requesting an evaluation copy

In order to request an evaluation copy of one of our products, please download and complete the form at the bottom of this page. Before doing so, please note the following:

  • The evaluation copy is issued free of charge for one month.

  • Once you have submitted the form, a member of our team will contact you to discuss your modelling requirements.

  • The evaluation will be sent to you electronically; it can be activated on a single machine and can only be used on that machine for the evaluation and will not work on a virtual machine. Alternatively you can request for us to ship you a physical dongle which would allow you to test the software on multiple machines; you would need to pay for the shipping and return. To request a dongle-protected license please notify us when sending the evaluation form.

  • When deciding upon a date for the application, you are advised to select a time during which you are not too busy in order to make best use of the one month of evaluation. For reference, we estimate that evaluating one of products should take you at least five full working days.

  • You are expected to submit your request on behalf of your research group. If you are a student, you need to perform the evaluation with the agreement of your supervisor, who will be requested to sign the evaluation form.

  • Evaluation licenses are granted entirely at our discretion. Note in particular that:

    • We will be unable to issue a repeat evaluation to the same site for the same product within a 12 month period.

    • We may refuse to provide you with an evaluation license if your group already has an existing license.

    • We do not provide free evaluations to private individuals. You must submit your request on behalf of your university, lab or company. If you would like to use our software for private purposes please contact us.

Please download and complete the form as follows:

  • Choose the product you wish to sample at the top of the form, e.g. "FIMMWAVE/FIMMPROP/Kallistos".

  • Fill in Institution name, desired begin date and your name.

  • If you are a permanent employee of your organisation, print it out and sign it yourself. If you are a student, the form must be signed by your supervisor. In any case it must be signed by someone with the legal power to sign on behalf of your organisation.

  • Scan and email the completed form to: pdadmin AT OR fax it to: +44 1865 324 991. Emails MUST be sent from an official email address of your organisation (not yahoo, gmail etc).

  • Your email/fax should also provide the following information:

    • full postal address of your institution,

    • a phone number where we can reach you,

    • if sending by fax: an official email address (not yahoo, gmail etc).  

  • If you wish to evaluate several products, please repeat the procedure for each product.

I agree with the full terms of the evaluation policy.