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Company History and Philosophy


Photon Design was started in 1992 to provide professional quality software to the photonics industry. At this time most laboratories and companies were developing their own in-house software - a strategy that clearly provides maximum flexibility but that has now become too expensive for all but the largest companies to fund. We have been growing our product range steadily since 1992 and now provide a wide range of photonics tools off the shelf, encompassing both active and passive photonics components. Much to our pride, our products are now in use by a wide number of telecoms companies and laboratories around the world, helping to develop the next generation of telecoms components. With our extensive experience in modelling we are also able to develop custom solutions for your special requirements based on components we already have and are happy to add modifications to our standard products.

We have a team of the brightest people dedicated to developing new ways to solve even the most difficult of your theoretical problems. Photonics software, perhaps more than almost any other, provides enormous challenges to the theoretician and modeller, and also the greatest scope for innovative solutions. Much of our software is based on novel theory that has been developed in house often with significant improvements over published know-how - yes we would love to publish some of the clever things we do, but alas commercial realities forbid! We are also aware that clever methods are not enough in themselves for our customers - good ideas must be packaged well so that the complexities of the methods are hidden as best as possible - a well designed user interface can save you the user hours or days. It also makes sense for us too - if it is easy to use then it will need less Technical Support from us!