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Omni-directional photonic simulations

Layout Editor

A powerful and user-friendly design interface for photonics

OmniSim offers a very flexible layout editor which allows you to design virtually any device you want with a large flexibility associated with an precise numerical position control. 

The OmniSim Editor is optimised for integrated photonics; for the design of photonic crystals please see also the CrystalWave Editor (available as part of OmniSim).

OmniSim Editor

  • Optimal for the modelling of planar integrated optics: design a ring resonator or a tapered waveguide in just a few clicks!

  • Device layer editor for quick definition of your epitaxial structure

  • Supports etch and growth processes

  • Advanced etch process:

    • tilted etch capabilities to generate non-vertical etch walls

    • tapered, rounded-bottom etching

    • anisotropic etching etc.

  • Extensive shape library including user defined functions and 3D objects such as cuboids, ellipsoids, trapezoids and cylinders

  • Free rotation of almost any object

  • Powerful Constraint system to build more complex structures by joining elements together

  • Hierarchical framework - create elements and reference them as sub-elements in another design

  • Periodic elements (in 1 or 2 directions)

  • Arbitrary number of mask layers

  • Multi-level undo/redo

  • Export to mask file with advanced mask generation features