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Harold VCSEL

Photon Design has been invited to write an article about VCSEL design in the magazine Compound Semiconductor. Read the article here: Compound Semiconductor Vol. 26(4) (page 34)

Harold/VCSEL is now multi-mode! This challenging and significant advance in VCSEL modelling provides an important leap forward in VCSEL design.

FIMMWAVE 7.1 is released

FIMMWAVE version 7.1, this update includes the implementation of non-parallel facets in FIMMPROP’s Free Space Joints and the introduction of a Cavity Mode Calculator in FIMMPROP.

OmniSim 7.1 is released

OmniSim version 7.1. it is now much faster when preparing devices for FDTD and FETD calculations and faster post-processing for FDTD after a calculation..

EPIPPROP 3.1 is released

EPIPPROP version 3.1. This features a greatly improved window manager and migration to a 64-bit version. You will also have much more control over the injected field, allowing simultaneous input of modes which can be modelled rigorously with the FIMMPROP link.

PIC Training December 2019 from 7Pennies

Photon Design is participating in a PIC training event, December 9th-13th. The purpose of this week-long in-depth training is to get you quickly up the learning curve by introducing you to all of the aspects that are critical for producing integrated optical components. The training covers system level essentials, a detailed tutorial on integrated optic components, in-depth simulations as well as mask layout, available foundry services for all material systems, packaging services, test & measurement and relevant business fundamentals such as building a business case or scaling to production. For more information, please follow the link above or contact Erik Pennings at or (848) 228-0807.

Harold 6.0/VCSEL – New!

Photon Design is pleased to announce it’s comprehensive VCSEL model. Building on our 25 years’ experience in optical and laser diode modelling, this is a full 3D model covering the optical mode, current flow, drift/diffusion, QW gain, thermal flow. It produces LI curves, profiles of carriers/current/temperature, quantum efficiency, spectra, linewidth, far-field results and more. Later versions will also model dynamics.

Harold 6.0 also includes useful improvements to its other modules, including: a thermionic emission model for its 1d gain module, improved material data and additional command-line functionality.

PICWave 5.8 is released

We are pleased to announce the release of PICWave version 5.8 - This features a new third-order susceptibility model (including Kerr effect, two-photon absorption and related free carrier absorption and dispersion effects); an upgraded oscilloscope to allow plotting of DQPSK constellation diagrams and PAM signal eye diagrams; significant improvements to the FIR method of importing of rigorous passive models from FIMMPROP; and many other useful features/improvements...