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Additional modules to FIMMWAVE

The FIMMWAVE base module includes the real FMM Solver, the real FDM Solver and the real Effective Index Solver, as well as the SMF and Gaussian Fiber Solvers.

In addition to the base module you can choose among a large range of add-ons.


FIMMPROP is our 3D propagation tool based on EME (EigenMode Expansion).

Complex Engine

Use this add-on to include the complex versions of all our mode solvers. You will be able to solve metallic structures and to include gain and absorption in your devices. Also allows you to introduce PMLs and model leaky modes. Needed for computing loss in bend modes.

When combined with the FIMMPROP option, all these mode solver features are available in FIMMPROP simulations. In addition the PMLs allow you to absorb radiation hitting the side-walls of a FIMMPROP device.

FEM Solver

Our finite element mode solver, offered as an add-on.

Description of the FEM Solver...

Cylindrical Solvers

Fully vectorial and semi-vectorial cylindrical waveguide mode solvers for high-performance fibre analysis and other cylindrically symmetric applications.

Description of the Fibre Solvers...


Kallistos is an advanced automatic optimisation tool capable of automatically improving existing designs of photonic devices with minimum intervention from the user.

Electro-Optic Solver (part of the Thermal/EO Module)

This solver will enable you to include electro-optic effects in your simulations due to one or more applied electrodes, including electro-optic modulators for example in LiNbO3.

Description of the Electro-Optic Solver...

Thermo-Optic Solver (part of the Thermal/EO Module)

Study the effect of heaters or self-heating of your waveguides. This includes a 2D Poisson Solver to model the heat flow in the XY plane. Please contact us for more details.

Description of the Thermo-Optic Solver...

Stress Solver

Allows you to model the effect of stress on your waveguide and the resulting change of its modes. Supports thermally-induced stress fields.

Description of the Stress Solver...

Full Feature/Option Table (PDF version here)