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A gallery of FIMMWAVE simulations

Modes of SOI Waveguides or High Index Contrast Waveguides

Calculate the modes of your SOI waveguide design
- use the extensive FIMMWAVE mode analysis tool to fine-tune your designs

Modes of Cylindrical Optical Fibres

Find the modes of your optical fibre with our large range of optical fibre mode solvers
- including user defined profiles and profile export straight from your profile measurement tool!

Modes of Photonic Crystal Fibres

Find the modes of a photonic crystal fibre waveguide with the FEM Finite Element Mode Solver
- includes dedicated design tool for PCFs and bend mode solving

Modes of Diffused Waveguides

Model diffused waveguides such as Ti:LiNbO3 with FIMMWAVE using dedicated diffused refractive index profile

Modes of Hollow-Core and ARROW Waveguides

Calculate the modes of hollow-core waveguides such as ARROW waveguides, including losses due to optical leakage

Modes of ARROW Waveguides

Modes of an Anti-Guiding Fiber (e.g. Hollow Core)

Modes of Slot Waveguides and Cross-Slot Waveguides

See how FIMMWAVE can calculate the modes of a silicon cross-slot waveguide using three independent methods

Bend Modes

Find the modes of arbitrary bent waveguides and calculate associated bend loss.

Bend modes of a Planar SOI Waveguide

Whispering Cavity Modes of a Microdisk Resonator

Bend modes of a Photonic Crystal Fibre

Surface Plasmon Modes

Find surface plasmon modes supported by metallic structures.

Microwave Modes of a Microstrip Line

FIMMWAVE can find modes of structures in any range of wavelength!

Thermal Profiler: thermal lensing, self-heating

See FIMMWAVE's Thermo-Optic Solver in action!