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Design Kit for HHI (InP)

PICWave's InP design kit for HHI contains the building blocks offered by the Heinrich Hertz Institute under the JePPIX platform. This design kit is available to users of the associated JePPIX platform.

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  • Building blocks include:

    • passive waveguides (various ridge heights)

    • arc waveguide

    • waveguide crossings

    • MMIs, directional coupler

    • SOA, DBR and DFB lasers

    • phase modulators (current injection, thermal)

    • tuneable grating

    • PIN diodes (photo-detectors).

  • Circuit designs can be exported from PICWave to a mask layout tool via the PDAFlowTM library. PDAFlow is photonics’ answer to OpenAccess in electronics. It enables multiple tools from different vendors to communicate with each other, allowing photonic circuit designs to exchanged between different software packages. PICWave utilises PDAFlow to allow circuit designs to be exported to layout tools such as MaskEngineer or Nazca, where a mask can be generated near-automatically and the layout design rules checked.

  • The foundry service allows multiple designs to be included on one wafer, another big cost saving.  


The generic foundry process.
Design kits are available for Smart Photonics and HHI fabs under the JePPIX platform.